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Manforce Condoms


Manforce Condoms for men are remarkably effective contraceptives, provided they are used correctly. Manforce Condoms are considered to be a barrier method of birth control. Manforce condom itself is a type of thin shield that is worn on an erect penis. It is put on before sex occurs and is taken off immediately afterwards in order to avoid leakage.
When the condom is on, sperms are trapped in the tip of the condom when a man ejaculates, thereby preventing the sperms from coming into contact with the vagina. A new Manforce condom must be used every time you have sex. According to the Federal Drug Administration, the use of male condoms as the only form of contraception has led to a pregnancy rate of 3 to 14 percent only which are much lower than other methods where the odds of getting pregnant go up to 6 to 20 percent. For more information click on

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